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TUCC 6001     Graduate Academic Skills

TCAS 605      Field Research Principles and Practice I

TCAS 606       Field Research Principles and Practice II

TCAS 610       African Cultures

TCAS 654      African Spirituality

TCAS 686      Sociology of Development and African Religion

TCAS 628      Sage Philosophy in Africa

TCAS 615      Islam in East Africa

TCAS 620      Justice and Peace in East Africa

TCAS 624      African Marriage and Family

TCAS 626      Contemporary Political and Economic Realities in Kenya

TCAS 630      African Religion

TCAS 632      Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Personhood in an African Context

TCAS 640      African Christian Theology

TCAS 642      African Feminist Theology

TCAS 644      Towards the Inculturation of Religious Community Life in Africa

TCAS 646      African Religion Interprets the Bible

TCAS 648      African Instituted Churches

TCAS 650      Gospel and Culture in Africa

TCAS 652      Moral Teachings and Practices of African Religion

TCAS 670      East African Literature

TCAS 672      Secular and Religious Art in East African

TCAS 680      Ideology and Practice of Health Ministry in Contemporary Africa

TCAS 684      Church in Contemporary Africa