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  1. Field Research Principles and Practice (Foundational) integrated into the first three courses a student takes.

  2. Field Research Principles and Practice (Advanced) integrated into the second three courses a student takes.

  1. African Cultures: An Overview

  2. African Traditional Religion Interprets the Bible

  3. African Feminist/Womanist Theology: A Source for African Christian Theology

  4. Sociology of Development/Underdevelopment and African Religion

  5. Contemporary Political and Economic Realities in Kenya

  6. Introduction to East African Art: its Secular and Religious Themes

  7. Towards the Inculturation of Religious Community Life in Africa

  1. African Christian Theology: Historical and Systematic Development

  2. Gospel and Culture: The African Experience

  3. African Traditional Religion: Major Beliefs, Practices, and Contemporary Forms

  4. African Marriage and Family: Challenge and Change

  5. Introduction to East African Literature: Focus on Religious Conflicts

  6. Spirituality, Personhood and Psychotherapy in an African Context

  7. Justice and Peace in East Africa

  1. Introduction to Islam in East Africa

  2. Ideology and Practice of Health Ministry in Contemporary Africa: Traditional and Western

  3. Church in Contemporary Africa: Social, Political and Economic Situation

  4. African Independent Churches: Authentic Integration with or Separation from Christianity

  5. Sage Philosophy: The Root of African Philosophy and Religion

  6. Moral Teachings and Practices of African Traditional Religion

  7. Master of Arts in African Studies (MA) Thesis

  8. Master of African Studies (MAS) Essay

  9. Introduction to African Cultures and Religion

  10. Intermediate Course on African Culture and Religion

  11. Advanced Course on African Culture and Religion