Course: MARY AFST 510: African Cultures: An Overview

Course Overview:
The course is a systematic presentation of African Cultural Heritage. It is a required course for Master degree and Diploma programs and is offered in both the semester and immersion programs.

Course Description:
This course gives an overview of the African traditional cultures by studying some of the significant aspects of these cultures. Some of the aspects studied are: social groupings, supernatural beliefs, religious systems, communication systems, political systems, economic systems, education systems, health systems and rites of passage. Special attention is given to the traditional features of these aspects, though the contemporary changes affecting them are also mentioned. Special attention is also given to the challenges these cultures pose to Christians in Africa.

The purpose of the course is to help the students understand African Traditional Cultures. Such an understanding would help the student to understand African people better; live and work with African people more effectively and even make the student appreciate more the African ways of life. This would also assist the students, both African and non-African, notice the changes taking place in Africa and enable them to be effective in their ministries to the African people.