Course: MARY AFST 552: Moral Teachings and Practices of African Traditional Religion

Course overview:

This course is designed to introduce and guide reflection on morality and ethics from the perspective of African religion.

Course description:
The course is intended for pastoral agents with a background in theology and some experience of African cultures. It will start with an introduction to the development of African moral theology, up to the present time. Then it will investigate several moral themes in the forefront of the contemporary African scene: sexuality (with particular reference to AIDS); death and dying (with particular reference to HEALING); inter-tribal/ethnic relations (with particular reference to VIOLENCE). All of these will be considered in the context of trying to understand what sin and salvation are from the African viewpoint and, how this understanding of morality continues to influence (ethically) peoples’ lives in contemporary Africa.

ATTN: This course can substitute for the course on African Traditional Religion: Major beliefs, Practices and Contemporary Forms, a required course for students registered in the Master degree programs.