Course: MARY AFST 528: Sage Philosophy: The Root of African Philosophy and Religion

Course Outline:
This course examines the general nature of Philosophy and its connection with Religion and Religion in Africa. In the course of study, we shall address Ethno-philosophy and African Traditional Religions; the question of sages and their work in practice, folk Sages, philosophic Sages: Sages Views on God, Culture, Customs, Life and Death, man and animals. This will be done through a case study of Kenya.

Course Description:
The course focuses on the general nature of Philosophy and its connection with philosophy and religion in Africa through the study of Ethno-philosophy and African Traditional Religions. Particular areas of interest include folk sagacity and philosophical sagacity. Particularly the course addresses sage philosophy in relation to culture, western debate over reason, ethno-philosophy, professional philosophy, African political philosophy, Kenyan sages and rationality, and finally sage philosophy in contemporary Africa. During the course, students are guided in analysis of the views of scholars such as J. S. Mbiti and Placide Tempels, and African leaders such as Kwame Nkurumah and Julius Nyerere.