Course: MARY AFST 548: African Independent Churches: Authentic Integration with or Separation from Christianity

Course Description:
This course introduces Christian workers to the major African independent churches. Any Christian workers, Missionary or African, can benefit from the course, but the course is geared particularly to those who have no previous study of the African Independent churches (it is a foundational course). The course examines some of the significant aspects of the African Independent churches with the belief that:

1. African Independent Churches (A.I.C.’s) have something to teach Missionary Planted Churches (M.P.C.’s) and visa versa. For example, A.I.C.’s can teach M.P.C.’s how to contextualize the Gospel in African cultures, so that the Gospel can be rooted in Africa. One of the A.I.C.’s most precious assets is its experience of being rooted in African cultures. And the M.P.C.’s can teach A.I.C.’s various methods of Bible study, an element that seems to be lacking among the A.I.C.’s

2. A.I.C.’s have formed a major Christian force that cannot be ignored by the universal church of Christ.

3. Better understanding of A.I.C.’s will bring unity, partnership and fellowship among the members of both A.I.C.’s and M.P.C.’s. Presently, there are divisions and isolations – instead of fellowship – among members of A.I.C.’s and M.P.C.’s and these divisions and isolations have brought intolerances and condemnations. We believe a clear grasp of A.I.C.’s will reduce these unfair intolerances and condemnations and enhance partnership and fellowship.