Course: MARY AFST 584: Church in Contemporary Africa: Its Political, Social and Economic Situation

Course Overview:
A course aimed at the analysis of the contemporary African issues and the place of the Church. It will be conducted in a seminar style and students will be expected to contribute in discussion. Discussions and analysis with examples from the field will be used in presentation of the class materials.

Course Description:

This is a short course on the role of the church in contemporary African situations. It is a short course to the extent that some of the outlined topics will not be covered adequately during lecturing. However, the course will encourage and enable students to do further studies on the role the church can play in contemporary Africa.

The central focus of the course is to analyze and describe some of the major issues found in Africa today. These issues are political, social and cultural in nature. The whole thrust is to show that the church is operating in a wider social context and it is in such context that she is called to serve.

The analysis and description will be mainly sociological in nature; that is the tools for analysis will be drawn from that discipline although some theological hints will not be spared either.

In the course of lecture presentations, questions, clarifications and discussions will be allowed to take place. Students will be encouraged to share with others their findings and experiences in the field. The aim is to expose students to the various socio-political, socio-cultural situations which are not covered in other courses of the program and relate these to the work of the church.