Course: MARY AFST 580: Ideology and Practice of Health Ministry in Contemporary Africa: Traditional and Western 

Course Overview:
It aims at helping the students fulfill their vocation as HEALERS in the East African context by analyzing the interaction between the Western and traditional medicine and healing practices.

Course Description:
The course will attempt to help participants fulfill their vocation as healers and builders of healing communities in contemporary Africa. This vocation will be studied in the perspective of the definition of health by W.H.O. as “A state of physical, mental and social well being” and of the Alma Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care for all in the year 2000. The course will focus on community-based and preventive health care while taking into account the evolution of curative medicine since the recent appearance of new illnesses. This ministry has to take into account the patients’ view of health and illness as due to invisible powers and the importance of prayer healing. It requires a sound knowledge of community-based pedagogy.