Course: MARY AFST 520: Justice and Peace in East Africa

Course Description:
This course explores the concepts of justice and relates them to democracy and human rights from an African perspective. It seeks to demonstrate that human rights are the rationale for the quest for justice, peace, reconciliation and democracy in society. By mirroring the values and structures for human rights, democracy, justice and peace in Africa (particularly East Africa) against African traditional norms, values and peace within the proper context of the modern state in Africa.

Course Objectives:

  • Expose students to a multi-dimensional understanding of the concepts of justice, peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights.

  • To enable students appreciate the deep African heritage on issues of peace, justice, reconciliation, human rights and conflict resolution.

  • Provide students with a rich encounter with both theoretical and practical applications of African values in their everyday lives.

  • Give students an opportunity to gather information on African cultural values directly from the field so that they can test their findings against popular/existing literature.