Course: MARY AFST 582: African Traditional Religion: Major Beliefs, Practices and Contemporary Forms

Course Overview:
An in-depth study of the rich heritage of African Religions with emphasis on how they continue to influence and mediate the experiences of contemporary Africans. The course centers on aspects of African Religion including afrotheism (God), ontology (human) and cosmology (nature).

Course Description:
The course is designed to introduce students to an African world view and African religious heritage. The purpose of the course is to teach about religion as a social and cultural factor. The students will be exposed to different theories, both from the traditional African societies and to those originating from the upsurge of the twentieth century. The course will also seek to see how African religious traditions can and must be a springboard for any religious dialogue with Africans. The students will be required to compare and contrast what they learn in class and what they observe going on in community. The students should try to answer questions like: what does African traditional religions have to contribute to the whole humanity today? What role does religion play in African society today? Must Africans always look for proofs and justification for their existence?

ATTN: This is a required course for students registered in the Master degree programs. However the courses African Traditional Religion Interprets the Bible or Moral Teachings and Practices of African Traditional Religion can substitute for this course.