TCAS 640:  African Christian Theology                                                                (4 Credits)

Purpose of the Course:

To enable learners develop a historical and systematic knowledge on the presentation and appropriation of the Christian faith in Africa.


Course Content

Christianity and African Cultural Heritage; Christianity and African cultural and religious context; The early entry of Christianity in Africa: 15th to 17th century; Overview of various contributions: anthropologists, early missionaries, African nationalists, African Christians and African Instituted Churches; Definitions of African Christian Theology; Historical development of the discipline; Sources of African Christian Theology; The contributions of African Christian organizations; The contributions of African Scholars; Perspectives in African Christian Theology: Inculturation, reconstruction and black consciousness, ecclesiology, Christology; Liberation Theology in Africa; Guidelines for Christian Theology in Africa; Challenges of theology in the African context; Quest for African authentic selfhood and expression of the Christian faith; African Christian theology in review: problems and promises.