Course: MARY AFST 506: Field Research Principles and Practice: Foundational
(Students in their first to third courses)

Dates: Taught as an integral part of each course. The course is designed for students in their first three courses. 

Research training:
This dimension of the program is designed to train students how to do professional field research on issues pertinent to the particular courses they are taking. The research is facilitated by University students who are assigned to each participant on a one-to-one basis and function as their field assistants. The research is intertwined with all courses being taught each session. It is under the direction of the professors teaching the courses.

Research elements:

1. Three workshops on how to do research, work efficiently with a field assistant, and analyze collected data.
2. Three sessions each week for three weeks in the Immersion programs, one session each week for twelve weeks in the Semester programs doing field research in and about Nairobi (with the field assistants, and under the guidance of the professors) on situations and issues relevant to the materials being taught in the classroom.
3. Reports to the class on the field research.
4. Integration of data collected from the research into the final papers required for the courses.
5. A written skill evaluation exam measuring one’s comprehension of research methods and techniques.