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2018/2019 PROGRAMS


The Institute is located in Nairobi, Kenya due to the widespread use of English, the extensive public transportation system in and about the city and throughout the country, the libraries which are adequate for post-graduate work, and the numerous guest houses, some private and others maintained by churches, where participants can reside. The classes are held at Tangaza University College which is located on the southern outskirts of Nairobi in the Kareng'ata area. It is on Lang'ata South Road one-half kilometer from it's junction with Lang'ata road. It is reached by bus/Matatu Route #24.


Each course meets one day a week at Tangaza University College from 11:45 am - 3:30 pm according to the schedule, and one day a week (per course) is spent on field research with a personal assistant (the day determined by the student). The field research session for each course is planned in advance with the lecturer.


Class days for the two sessions are Wednesday through Friday. The classes are at Tangaza University College from 8:30 am to 12:15 pm. They are followed by a prayer service from 12:15 pm  to 12:30 pm. At 12:30 pm, lunch is served in the college cafeteria. Afternoons have workshops and seminars scheduled on field research and pastoral reflection. The rest of the week is for field research with a personal field assistant (each week three field research sessions are planned in advance with the lecturers), library research, private study, and writing a fifteen page research/integration paper. Transportation to and from the school is the responsibility of the students. 


Each course requires a student to write a fifteen page research integration paper, read the required bibliographical material and participate in the field research workshops and pastoral reflection sessions.


2018/2019 SEMESTER programs: Ksh 34,500 (US $475). The program is subsidized 50% ; the tuition pays only half of the actual cost per course. However, the subsidy of 50% is valid only for students who are citizens and residents of Africa. Foreign students from overseas are charged the full cost of US $950 per course.

2018/2019 IMMERSION programs: Ksh 37,500 (US $540).  The IMMERSION programs are also subsidized 50%. However, the subsidy of 50% is valid only for students who are citizens and residents of Africa. Foreign students from overseas are charged the full cost of   US $1080 per course.


The tuition cost per course was set in terms of making the Institute self-sufficient through tuition, grants and a substantial Maryknoll Society subsidy. However, African students who cannot afford the full  tuition, can apply for tuition relief once they have been officially accepted. The Institute's sponsors do not want qualified African students turned away due solely to tuition expenses.


If you are seriously interested in considering the Institute's 2017/2018 programs, please write your name, address, E-mail address, phone and Fax numbers on the Prospectus page 4, Enquiry Form, and send by post, Fax or E-mail to 

The Director,  MIASMU

P.O. Box 15199, Lang'ata 

00509, Kenya. 


Mobile Phone #: (+254-) 726-818-917, 732-818-917

E-mail: miasmu@tangaza.ac.ke 

for EMS MAIL or COURIER Mail (e.g. FedEx, DHL, UPS etc.) use: 

MIASMU c/o Tangaza College

Lang'ata South Road

P.O. Box 15199, Lang'ata

00509, Kenya. 

If you want assistance in figuring out how to make the program a possibility for 2017/2018, the Director would be happy to discuss various options with you by phone, mail, or e-mail.

Professor Michael C. Kirwen, PhD
Director: MIAS

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